Bespoke Management and Leadership Development Programmes

Our team of experts bring more years of experience than we care to mention to the design and delivery of bespoke Management and Leadership development programmes. Because requirements differ widely from company to company, our programmes are always tailored individually. What remains consistent however is the way we think, the way we work and the results we achieve.


Focus on helping teams and individuals reach full potential for their benefit and the organisation’s.

Provide focused participative development programmes formatted to fit your needs.

Incorporate diagnostics and assessments, ensuring learning and development is understood at every stage.

Provide opportunity to gain accredited qualification (ILM).

Incorporate individual and team coaching to encourage leaders to fulfil their potential.

Meet training and business objectives.

Ensure training and development meet and exceed expectation as viable and quantifiable investment.


Performance problems

Is Training the Answer to Performance Problems?

24.07.2017 / by FP Training / 0 comments

As a Leadership Trainer, I am often asked to address ‘performance problems’ where little analysis of the root cause of the problem has been undertaken …

Leadership and trustworthiness

Why is Engendering Trust so Important as a Leader?

4.04.2017 / by FP Training / 0 comments

The concept of great leaders has changed since I started developing leaders 20 years ago, then the emphasis was on management development rather than developing leaders.