I know we can all think of that 1 bad manager or leader. They kept piling on the work despite your already excessive workload. They had no idea at all what you did and maybe not even what the company did. They always ‘worked’ from home and they generally made the workplace unbearable.

Why 1 in 4 of Us Are Unhappy at Work

A recent study by Investors in People found that 1 in 4 of us are unhappy at work with 49% of people citing poor management as the reason.

The other reasons given included

  1. 40% gave pay as the reason.
  2. 39% gave not feeling valued as a staff member as the reason
  3. 30% gave no career progression as the reason
  4. 21% gave a lack of leadership and authority as the reason
  5. 20% gave a lack of training or development opportunities as the reason

Read the full report here.

1 in 4 are unhappy, if that was an illness, we would be working together to raise money to find a cure. So why don’t we have the same drive to cure this epidemic of poor leadership and what are the effects of allowing it to continue?

The Impact of Bad Managers

Well apart from an obvious increase in staff turnover and more and more people looking to move jobs, there are other significant impacts to a business who doesn’t know what a good leader looks like.

  1. Miserable workers – obviously! No-one likes working for someone that should have been in the Bad Bosses movie or Police Academy. We spend 1/3 of our lives at work, we want to be happy. Plus, miserable workers leads to…
  2. Unhappy customers – Ever had that waitress who literally looks like she has been made to serve your table as community service? I bet you didn’t want to eat there again!
  3. Reduced productivity – You may have a great team who work hard and get no thanks and so stop putting in the same effort, you have a team that needs leadership, that don’t get it and so are not productive, you may have poor leaders making bad decisions leading to more complicated processes.
  4. Lost motivation – Good staff can quickly lose motivation when managers are invisible, poor communicators, lack knowledge and don’t value their staff. In the Investors in People study, it stated 10% of staff just want a simple thank you from their managers to enjoy work more.
  5. Decreased profits – Poor leadership leads to unhappy staff. Unhappy staff sell less, make less, create unhappy customers and make more mistakes, meaning less profit.
  6. Increased sick days – from both unhappy team members and poor managers who can get away with it.
  7. Overworked team members – Managers with poor delegation skills will often ‘flog a willing horse’ and not tackle underperforming staff. This leads to increased sick days because of stress, low quality work due to lack of time and missed opportunities because the staff are too busy to think.
  8. Loss of good staff. Good people leave if they are not looked after, which leads to…
  9. Damaged company reputationGlassdoor allows employees to review the company and gives them a rating out of 5. The press regularly reports on the top 10 best and worst companies to work for using Glassdoor data and we all remember Sports Direct last year. Even if you are not a huge blue chip, unhappy employees will always tell people how awful it is to work there.
  10. Business failure – it may seem extreme, but businesses have closed their doors because of poor leadership. We only have to mention Enron here.

So, What is the Remedy?

Start with your staff and HR team, conduct a review or ask an independent management expert to come and do a review for you and see how well your leaders are performing. If you have fantastic managers, great, keep up the good work, but remember – it’s always good to review your performance and train new and upcoming leaders in your business. If you are suffering from the symptoms highlighted above, then I think it’s time to get some professional help. You wouldn’t treat a serious illness at home without a doctor so don’t treat poor management without an expert.

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