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Fiona Porter brings to the business a wealth of experience as facilitator, trainer and coach in Leadership and Management Development. A combination of creative thinker and meticulous planner, she demonstrates repeatedly her instinctive knack of very swiftly ‘getting’ individual companies and organisations, in a way that allows her to design and deliver bespoke, accredited leadership and management development to specifically meet their culture, needs and aspirations.

As one client recently commented, “For the time Fiona and her team worked with us, they slotted into our company as smoothly as missing jigsaw pieces.”


Fiona and her team bring a formidable range of talents, expertise and years of experience to every project they undertake and they combine this easily with a relaxed, inclusive and participative approach. The ethos of the business is leadership development for emotional engagement at all levels. Their firm-held view is that success lies in leadership being not just skin-deep, but fully understood and appreciated by everyone.

Development programmes incorporate blended learning including exercises, case studies, role-play, individual planning, Action Learning Sets, coaching and other methods to meet differing needs of individuals and their organisation.

Fiona is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development; a Business Mentor for the Princes Trust; a Coach for CIPD members; an Employer Mentor for Derby University and holds a Postgraduate Certificate in Business and Personal Coaching.


Future leaders

How to Develop your Future Leaders

25.03.2019 / by Fiona / 0 comments

Organisations need to be planning as to how they can develop and retain the next generation of leaders.

Tribal leadership

Tribal Leadership: The Key to Building Great Teams

28.09.2018 / by Fiona / 0 comments

Tribes in companies decide whether work gets done, their influence is greater than that of teams, entire companies even CEOs. In companies, tribes decide whether the new leader is going to flourish or get taken out.  They determine how much…

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