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3aaa Apprenticeships

The Company Profile

3aaa Apprenticeships logo3aaa Apprenticeships is a training provider with locations across England specialising in the delivery of professional services Apprenticeships including IT, Software, Digital Marketing, Accountancy, Financial Services, Business Administration, Customer Service and Management. 3aaa are a national company offering a personalised, local service in 38 locations looking to partner local talent and businesses together to enhance careers and the economy through workplace training.

The Business Situation

FP Training worked in partnership with 3aaa to provide workshops offering coaching and training around developing a workplace mindset in their Apprentices. At FP Training we are aware, through our work with the Princes Trust, of the lack of skills that young people have going into the workplace, often these aren’t technical skills and knowledge but a lack of confidence, self-awareness, motivation, problem solving, a hesitation about taking on responsibility and accountability, a lack of experience in networking and relationship building – all skills and behaviours that employers are seeking in the workplace (STEMNET). There is greater demand for young people to develop their talents and fulfil their potential to contribute to an organisation’s success. These workshops provide them with the professional know-how they need in the world of work to advance and succeed.

The Approach

A series of ½ day workshops for small groups of young people (max 12) that provide support, challenge and practical skills to build young people’s self-awareness, confidence, and self-motivation to become self-managing and effective in their role and contribution in the workplace.

The workshops are very interactive requiring participation but fun!

The workshops challenge young people and hold them to account for changing behaviours, taking action, trying different things.

The Benefits

  • Have a self-managing mind-set, with a willingness to take responsibility for their actions
  • Have a positive attitude, having enthusiasm, commitment and energy
  • Self-motivated to learn, to progress to take on new challenges and move out of their comfort zone
  • Understand their strengths and weaknesses, learning how to utilise their strengths and invite and accept feedback on their areas of weaknesses to develop and progress; learning from mistakes and changing habits and behaviours to achieve outcomes and goals
  • Take personal responsibility, being accountable for their actions and the consequences of these actions
  • Organise themselves, manage their time efficiently,
  • Develop their interpersonal skills, collaborate with others, build networks, build connections and communicate at a professional level; have the ability to listen to others and take on board suggestions, advice, and guidance; actively seek out Mentors and advocates who can help them develop their career
  • Show initiative, make suggestions and be creative in the workplace
  • Present themselves in a professional manner, understand and demonstrate the behaviours and language that ‘fits’ with the values and behaviours of the organisational culture and norms
  • Grow in confidence in their skills, abilities and knowledge; to build resilience and strategies to manage ‘knock-backs’ and negative feedback
  • Solve problems, learn how to be solution-focused, proactive rather than reactive
  • Set goals for progression and achievement

For more information about this programme, please see our Services page – Developing Young People.

Fiona, is an excellent trainer, I have attended several days of courses with her and each time, I take on board the information and come away feeling like I have learnt something new, I have attended other courses in the past and have felt both underwhelmed with the course content or overwhelmed where the trainer has crammed too much into one day. Fiona has an excellent balance, of interaction, learning, and role-play that truly inspires you to learn.

- Paul Collins, Data Processor at All Sorts UK Ltd

I hired Fiona whilst working at Kaplan. Fiona delivered a series of ILM Management workshops at levels 3 and 5. The feedback from the students was always extremely positive and they all commented on how effective the learning had been. I was always really impressed with Fiona’s delivery style, how she used a wide range of methods that led to all the students passing the course. I happily recommend Fiona for high level management courses.

- Sonia Douras, Key Account Manager at Kays Medical Ltd.


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