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The Company Profile

Pirelli Tyres FP Training Case StudyThe Pirelli Tyre is a company pioneer in the production of tyres for cars, SUVs and commercial vehicles, with a wide range of solutions designed to achieve the highest performances and comfort on all roads and in all weather conditions.

The Business Situation

One of keys to Pirelli’s business success is to ensure that all staff are trained to be as efficient and effective as possible. To this end, Pirelli invest in the training of their staff and develop staff to become in-house trainers to ensure that training requirements are fulfilled. Trainers are required to design training programmes and be flexible and creative in the way they work with others.

The Approach

The train the trainer course FP Training developed for Pirelli is a 2-day programme which gives participants the confidence and skills to be an effective trainer. Participants needed a greater understanding as to how people learn and the role of the trainer in facilitating and evaluating the learning process to ensure that training programmes were effective and achieved the required outcomes for the business. Pirelli wanted the participants to go away with a wide range of delivery tools and techniques to call on, and know when and how to use them when delivering training programmes.

The Results

  • All participants felt that their confidence had grown when it comes to delivering training and making presentations to staff.
  • Went away in the knowledge that they had a toolbox of training techniques and resources that they can call on when preparing training sessions
  • Improved skills in public speaking and management of classroom dynamics
  • Enjoy the delivery of training, no longer something that was out of their ‘comfort zone’, confident in speaking to others
  • More likely to volunteer for training opportunities within the organisation

This train the trainer course gave me the confidence and skills to be an effective trainer in the workplace. I feel more confident in designing programmes to deliver to my staff and use a variety of training and presentation methods. I am much more comfortable and confident when I stand in front of people and Fiona has given me the tools and techniques to deliver a professional and engaging training session.

- Delegates' comments, Train the Trainer


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