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Team Leader Training for Award in Effective Management


FP Training Skillforce case studyA business case was made and accepted for the delivery of an Institute of Leadership and Management, Level 3 accredited course to all Team Leaders culminating in an Award in Effective Management. The course was designed and delivered in six 5 hour sessions over a six month period.


The aim of the course was to deliver effective management training to all team leaders with an option to gain an ILM Level 3 Award in Effective Management by delivering a programme of training to cover five key areas of development:

  1. The Nature of Leadership and the Role of Leader in the organisation
  2. Understanding Change in the Workplace and Planning for Change
  3. Marketing for Managers
  4. Providing Quality to Customers and Managing Customer Service
  5. Know how to work to a budget , understand costs within a budget and a practical exercise on Costs and Budgets

Learning Outcomes

  • Situational Awareness – TL display increased business, marketing and customer management awareness, understands how to find and develop new business, deliver SF products and manage customers to generate repeat business.
  • Vision – TL understands the interaction between leadership, management and change, is able to recognise business opportunity and take advantage by managing processes for change to meet the SF strategic vision.
  • Leadership and Management – TL understands how to communicate effectively, innovate and adapt best practice to achieve new outcomes and inspire, motivate and support staff to succeed in new and challenging business opportunities.
  • Change – TL understand how to lead and manage change in business development and delivery and in staff development through appropriate recruitment, selection and induction of staff and management of budgets and costs.
  • Action – TL understands how to move opportunities into a business plan that will manage change, monitor costs and provide a model for business growth, income generation and staff success

Course Observations

It was agreed by TL’s that the opportunity to meet together in a centralised location was productive and resulted in sharing of ideas, experiences and best practices, not only between teams but within Regions. It also allowed senior management an opportunity, through the trainer, to influence learning to meet strategic business objectives, thus beginning the process of managing change through the TL’s. The benefits of shared practice and team building has strengthened the bond between TL’s. It has also highlighted the progressive TL from the entrenched TL, and indeed the progressive region from the less progressive with the more business astute providing a lead and example. This sharing of targets and practices has set a high expectation bench mark.

I worked with Fiona for over a year on a management development training programme to up- skill 20 area managers in a variety of sales, customer service and team management skills. She delivered an innovative, challenging and relevant programme which has inspired a number of the managers to greater ambition and performance. Several are now regional directors.

- Rob McDougall, T & D Manager, SkillForce


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