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Coaching for Groups and Teams


Team coaching involves a coach working with a group or team. This type of coaching gives members of the group the opportunity to stretch beyond their current abilities, to improve collaboration, work better with others. It’s an effective method for showing teams how to reduce conflict and improve working relationships. The coach can facilitate new ideas and see opportunities to improve team performance using a range of interventions.

By the team reflecting on their performance and behaviours, the team will get a greater insight and awareness into how they are performing as a team. By attending team coaching sessions, team members will have an opportunity to reflect on their performance, gain greater awareness of their team’s performance and action plan how what they have learnt can be transferred back to their workplace.

Team or group coaching can address, and provide solutions to, the following issues:

  • Could communication be improved within the team? Do they listen to each other? Are team members being heard? By not demonstrating effective communication are they ineffective as a team? Explore team dynamics, is everyone pointing in the same direction? Is there conflict or collaboration
  • Could the team be better at problem solving and decision making? Is there an avoidance for decision making? Is there a tendency for certain people in the team to make the decisions and be the problem solvers, the outcome of which is a lack of buy-in by the other team members? Can the team think creatively in order to problem solve? How would improved problem solving and decision-making within the team improve productivity and efficiencies back in the workplace?
  • Is the whole team pulling in the same direction and achieving their goals and objectives in the best possible way? What are the roles being played out in the team? Are the roles clear? What is the relationship between the members of the team? Do these relationships enhance or deter team performance? Is there clear leadership within the team and what styles of leadership are adopted most readily?

It is better to first get the right people on the bus, the wrong people off the bus, and the right people in the right seats, and then figure out where to drive. James C. Collins

Coaching With Teams Can Provide the Following Benefits

  • Clarification as to their purpose as a team, what do they want to achieve as a team, what is their vision? It will also help them to review and re-define their team objectives and standards of performance
  • What they need to change or build on, what is working/not working so well? What are some of the high point experiences they have had in the team, how they can use these experiences and build on them.
  • How they could improve the dynamics of the team by having a greater awareness and understanding as to the needs and values of others within the team. Facilitation of team conversations.
  • How the team can address challenges more effectively, collaborating to use their skills, knowledge, interests more productively producing a high performing team that is more self-managing, highly productive and accountable to each other.


To achieve the required outcomes, we deliver the following methods:

  • Coaching Workshops with the team (these can be 2 hour, ½ day or full day)
  • Pre-workshop questionnaires completed by the relevant people in order to get a representative view.
  • Psychometric testing and 360-degree appraisals including a half-day briefing session
  • Feedback sessions
  • ½ day follow-up session

What Our Clients Are Saying About Team Coaching

“I met Fiona at a Marketing Derby event, late in 2018.  Whilst chatting about a new business I had taken over and the vision I had, Fiona asked if she could help by providing support from FP Training.  When I met with Fiona to discuss my needs, I instantly knew that she was bought into my vision and had the experience I needed to support the growth of my senior leadership team.

Fiona sat with me to discuss the vision I had for the business alongside the needs and development the senior leadership team needed, she then set about providing a bespoke development session for the team.  Fiona just got it and understood exactly what I needed and what the outcome of the investment in people needed to be.

A challenging and highly motivational day was delivered with the team feeling ready to tackle the new expectations I had set as the business leader, since then the team have gone from strength to strength and are delivering the ambition and growth needed.

I would highly recommend Fiona and FP Training and would definitely return and use the services again in the future.”

Matt Hutchings, MD, Derby Conference Centre


“We used Fiona to help us develop our Management team. Our team were initially unreceptive to the idea of management development and coaching, so Fiona had her work cut out with a negative audience. At the end of the first session Fiona already had buy in from the delegates and our own feedback was very positive.

I would not hesitate to recommend Fiona and her service the results have been excellent and on-going”

Lee Piercy, Advisor at Paul Geddes Wealth Management a Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management


“Just wanted to take the opportunity to say thank you for yesterday. It was a really positive experience and thought provoking with plenty of things to keep the group active”

Maria, L & D Manager, Seashell Trust


“The development programme gave the CMT a chance to build relationships; to redefine the way we wish to approach and manage and the chance to sit back and look at what we are all doing and why; the ability/opportunity to try and see the big picture and match this with an overall ops team objective.

The personal 360 degree feedback 121 session gave us a great insight into team profile and how leaders might adapt personal leadership styles to changing and different situations.

The key outcome was getting the CMT together to discuss the effective working methods & characters in the meeting. Main focus was to improve the team; to create new language/knowledge to allow the team to recognise type/style differences rather than persona and the workshops achieved this. The outcomes from the sessions resulted in us to working more effectively as a team”.

Delegates’ comments, Butcher’s Pet Care

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