Coaching for Individuals

Aims and Objectives

To provide coaching and support to a member of staff in order to meet development needs identified by the organisation and the individual themselves.

Overview of Coaching

Typically, coaching is about momentum, identifying goals, removing obstacles, generating options, planning action, and actioning the plan. This can focus on the individual, their team or the organisation or business.

By highlighting successes and learning from mistakes, the process brings about a new level of personal effectiveness. So, through a series of specially-devised sessions, the coach works with the client to achieve their goals. The coach helps to identify talents and strengths of the client and to value them and then use these to approach areas of challenge.

Download the Course Outline

Download the Coaching for Individuals course outline for reference.


Coaching as part of a people strategy can help in many ways

For example:

  • Creating clear descriptions of great leadership for your leaders
  • Helping your leaders recognise and work with different leadership styles
  • Develop your leaders ability to engage, grow and make their people more effective
  • Initiate high quality development discussions between individual leaders and their managers
  • Accelerate and improve decision making
  • Accelerate needed change
  • Reduce the volume of work but increase its impact
  • Improve departmental cooperation and the service to customers
  • Improve morale and reduce absence and disciplinary problems
  • Deliver sustainable changes to leadership and people issues
  • Coaching your leaders in their transition into a leadership role
  • Improve departmental cooperation and the service to customers
  • Improve morale and reduce absence and disciplinary problems
  • Self-awareness of managing others and the relationship with staff

The end result is an individual or team that operates more effectively and confidently and contributes to a stronger bottom line and or the organisation’s aims.


Coaching can be delivered in 2-hour coaching sessions per leader over an agreed period (usually every month for 6 months) to support individuals.

If you would like to discuss this workshop please contact Fiona on 01332 527144 or email us via the contact page. This programme can be amended to reflect the training and development needs of your Leaders and Managers.

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