Developing Your Coaching Skills

1-Day Workshop (including coaching practice in the classroom)


Coaching for Managers is defined as the process of enabling individuals to acquire the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to perform effectively in their occupational role by motivating, inspiring, challenging, stimulating and guiding them. The coach must be able to recognise the needs of individuals being coached, develop coaching programmes appropriate to meet those needs, and help individuals to achieve to their full potential..

Benefits for Individuals

  • Know what it takes to be an effective coach in your workplace
  • Understand how coaching works – learn a coaching model, and the tools and techniques to support it
  • Put your new skills into practice in your job – carry out coaching sessions
  • Analyse, assess and plan to improve your own coaching ability.

Benefits for Employers

  • Implement coaching to improve performance in your organisation
  • Ensure the managers you develop as coaches are properly equipped with the skills, knowledge and ethical understanding they need
  • Develop a coaching culture in your organisation by developing your managers as truly effective coaches

Download the Course Outline

Download the Developing Your Coaching Skills course outline for reference.


Programme Content

Session 1: Welcome and Context

  • Objectives of the day & outline
  • Key characteristics of high performing teams
  • Your Leadership role

Session 2: Developing skills to be coached

  • Developing yourself
  • Learner Judger Mindset
  • Introduce Conscious Competence model

Heron Model – preferred styles

  • Reviewing how you prefer to be in your relationships with others

What is Coaching?

  • Ethos & Principles of coaching
  • Definition

Session 3: Essential skills of Coaching

Skills practice and exercises

  • Rapport – What is it and how do you maximize it?
  • Focused Listening
  • Generating effective Questioning
  • SNIP & GROW coaching models – Goal, Reality, Options and Will; Situation, Need, Ideas, Plan
  • Giving Feedback

Introducing the Coaching Path

Session 4: Coaching Practice in pairs

  • Using the GROW or SNIP coaching models to coach each other on a work-based issue.

Session 5: Action Plan & Next Steps

  • How can you make coaching really make a difference in the day to day practice of your job?
  • Reviewing yourself against the coaching competencies to develop a development plan

Summary and Close

If you would like to discuss this workshop please contact Fiona on 01332 527144 or email us via the contact page. This programme can be amended to reflect the training and development needs of your Leaders and Managers.

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