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Developing the Leadership Team


Workshops with the Leadership Team provides the opportunity to review the business strategy, objectives and competencies which would inform the Leadership competencies and behaviours as identified by the organisation. The workshops also provide an opportunity for Leaders to define their roles and responsibilities in the organisation as leaders and how they drive the business forward, encouraging employee engagement and high performance, especially through change and possible uncertainty, and shape the culture of the organisation.

Download the Course Outline

Download the Developing the Leadership Team course outline for reference.


Programme Content

The workshops are highly participative using a coaching approach with the group to facilitate the agreed specific objectives.

It is recommended that the approach for the Leadership Team workshop needs to include the following elements:

  • A session around where you are now and where you want to be as a business in relation to people development; what are the strategic aims? How to generate buy in, ensuring the people strategy, direction and goals are effectively communicated and staff are really engaged in the implementation of development programmes.
  • What is working well as a business, in relation to people development? What needs to change? Facilitated activities to identify the gaps and the critical steps to be taken.
  • What are their leadership strengths as an organisation?
  • Activities to identify the implications for the Leadership team(s) and agree roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitated exercise on generating some behaviours around leadership that they can recognise and reward across the business
  • The team identifying and clarifying the behaviours needed to be demonstrated by the Leadership group; what are the behaviours they want to encourage in the wider leadership roles around managing and leading others? Input on critical behaviours for leaders and how well do they, as a team, measure up against these? How can they build from this base to challenge and support the wider leadership team?

The following interventions can be utilised in meeting these outcomes:

Fact-Finding Exercise

A fact finding exercise with all leaders to establish current views on what is going well in the team and what is not, what needs to be delivered differently and what learning points have they identified over the last 12 months. Questions will be around the current position and development needs in order to achieve the vision for the leadership team.

Pre-Course Questions

Send pre work for strategy session to each leader to identify what they believe to be the 5-7 key performance indicators for their team and their function. KPIs should be linked to the strategy documents and relate to both the team and their functional areas.

Facilitated Workshops

Facilitated sessions delivered to discuss the vision and key performance indicators for the leadership team.


One-to-one coaching sessions to support individual leaders and their development needs. The coach can equip leaders to deal with the challenges of their roles in order to increase their performance and that of the organisation.

360 Profiles

This will allow individuals an opportunity to see how others see them in comparison to how they see themselves. It will create the avenue for healthy introspection and better self-awareness.

Team Management Profile

A psychometric tool that shows how personal development is the critical first step to high performance team working. The profile, completed individually, looks at where members’ motivation lies, how they can best contribute to team success and how they are likely to lead, manage and link with others who may have different perspectives on the world of work. It can be used for personal development, with managers and leaders, but is at its most powerful when used to build and sustain high energy teams.

If you would like to discuss this workshop please contact Fiona on 01332 527144 or email us via the contact page. This programme can be amended to reflect the training and development needs of your Leaders and Managers.

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