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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes FP Training different?

We see ourselves as partners and consultants to our clients, a resource that can be accessed to help solve problems, identify solutions, bounce ideas off, and provide objective feedback. We focus on leadership behaviours for the long-term, and therefore we don’t just offer training. We conduct a vigorous research and fact-finding exercise prior to any programme being delivered to ensure we get it right, that we are clear on the organisation’s needs and the desired learning outcomes and KPIs. We can then offer a range of tools and development techniques which we have gained over many years and demonstrate real added value to a leadership development programme.

What do your clients say about you?

When asked why new clients decided to use FP Training for the first time and why they come back time and again it’s because we listen, we understand their goals and objectives and design development programmes to meet their needs. Don’t just take our word, here are some feedback comments from clients: “Your approach to relationship building comes across as very genuine and you were always truly interested in understanding my business needs and offering solutions which added value to our employees.” “It warms me to know that we have a training provider who understands our needs and has the flexibility and dedication to tailor a solution to meet these needs. We look on FP Training as a key partner in assisting our ambitious growth plans and helping to maintain the concept that our people are central to the success of our business.”

What’s the difference between training and leadership development?

Training is any activity aimed at imparting information and/or instructions to improve a person’s performance or to help him or her attain a required level of knowledge or skill. It is often seen as 1-way, from trainer to delegate. Leadership development is taking a more learner-centred approach to development, ensuring that the individual is an integral part of his/her development, with them taking responsibility and ownership. It is not something that is done to the individual but the individual playing a crucial role in their own development. We see it as handing leaders the tools to acquire the skills they need in a way that they choose.

How many days will the programme last?

The number of days of any programme depends on the learning outcomes identified at the initial stages of any programme, the methods of development, timescales and budget.

What happens if we can’t release everyone at the same time?

Because leadership development can be delivered using a range of methods, these can be adapted to suit the needs of the organisation. It could be ½ day workshops with small groups, individual coaching, open learning tools, aligning the programme with in-house development initiatives.

How do we measure that the development has been successful?

By clearly specifying the learning outcomes and KPIs at the outset, evaluation at the end of the programme can be carried out. The reason for evaluating is to determine the effectiveness of a programme. When the evaluation is done, we hope that the results are positive and gratifying, both for us, the provider and for the client who will make decisions based on the evaluation of the programme. Therefore, much thought and planning need to be given to the program itself to make sure that it is effective and meets the client’s requirements.

What happens if there are mixed abilities/experience in the group, how will you handle this?

There is always a mixture of abilities and experience in any group. Using a range of techniques, differing abilities can be catered for. There is always an opportunity for those with more experience to share their knowledge. Trainers and coaches are perceptive to the differing needs of any group and the group dynamics to ensure that individual and group needs are met in an appropriate and beneficial way to encourage participation, learning and confidence.

What information is fed back to us, the client about the delegates’ progress?

On-going reviews are encouraged between us the provider and the client regarding the progress of the delegates. This way the programme can be adapted, individuals can get additional or different support. However, we are sensitive to information that may be confidential and which individuals may not want to disclose to others. Contracting takes place at the start of any programme, this clarifies everyone’s expectations and an agreement made regarding the information that is shared between all parties. This is particularly important in a coaching relationship.

What will be covered during the programme days?

This will be determined by the needs of the client as identified in an initial conversation and fact-finding exercise.

How will you ensure that the programme meets our business objectives?

By having meetings at the start of any programme, we can clarify the organisation’s objectives ensuring that our programmes and learning outcomes are aligned to the business objectives.

How do you measure ROI?

By defining KPIs and learning outcomes at the start of any programme and the client’s measurement of a successful programme is discussed and agreed at the outset. On-going reviews ensure we are on track to achieve this as well as end of programme evaluation.

How do I know that we need a leadership development program?

Our clients often request leadership development programs when they promote employees into supervisory positions, when their businesses are growing, or when they want to be even more successful at what they do.  We are often asked by clients to support existing leaders to move up into the next leadership role, or when leaders need support and development in their leadership behaviours as well as fulfilling potential.

Are your trainers/coaches/facilitators qualified?

Yes, our trainers, facilitators and coaches are qualified either through ICF (International Coach Federation) or through CIPD. (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development).

They also have years of experience developing leaders and have held senior roles in organisations.

What experience do your trainers/coaches have in my industry?

Whilst we try and match trainers and coaches with clients that they have industry experience of, this isn’t always the case. In our experience, the value comes from the trainer/coach understanding the nature of the client’s issues and who are then able to provide the best solutions and added value.

Where does the development take place?

Leadership development takes place either at the client’s place of work or at a location agreed by the client, this could be facilities at a local hotel or conference centre.

Where are you located?

We are in Derby; however, we travel nationally and internationally, including Europe, Middle East and USA.

What’s the cost?

The cost will depend on the programme, this is discussed and agreed with the client before any programme commences.

What type of activities do you carry out?

We use a range of activities depending on the needs of the individuals and the organisation to get the best results, to change behaviours and ensure that learning outcomes are achieved. Empowerment is a real area of focus for us, individuals need to feel empowered to learn and make changes, therefore the activities we use promote this and can include facilitated workshops, team and individual coaching, 360-degree appraisals, Psychometric testing, mastermind groups, action learning sets, mentoring. To adapt and grow, leaders need to be constantly involved in new experiences and challenges that foster learning.

What is Leadership Coaching?

Leadership coaching is a powerful tool to help leaders at all levels leverage the leadership skills within themselves to maximize performance, enhancing a person’s abilities to lead and to help the organisation meet its objectives. Leadership coaching helps increase a leader’s awareness through questioning and feedback.

What organisations have your worked with?

We have worked with a number of organisations, see our case studies for our success stories.

How do you measure business impact?

By having KPIs at the outset and constantly in contact with the client we can review and evaluate business impact on an on-going basis. Also, our programmes incorporate activities that require delegates to look at business issues and bring forward evidence of how they have or could made a difference. We believe in putting experience at the centre of leadership development.

How engaging are your programmes?

Our programmes are about learning by doing and experiencing therefore, delegates are actively participating throughout. Engagement and application are checked throughout the programme, not only by us, the provider, we also encourage line managers and others in the organisation to have an active role in reinforcing the learning and transference back in the workplace. This may include in-house mentoring programmes, briefing meetings with line managers, presentations to managers. Our approach reflects the 70:20:10 concept which centres around the idea that the majority (or around 70%) of learning comes through experience, around 20% comes from social learning with colleagues and just 10% through formal learning such as classroom training or online courses (Charles Jennings).

How does your leadership program align with our company’s business objectives and strategy?

Identifying the development outcomes within broader business objectives will reinforce buy-in from various stakeholders and will empower participants to reach personal and organisational goals.

Are there clients that you prefer not to work with?

We do not work with leaders who are not genuinely motivated to change.  We only work with leaders who are willing to make a sincere effort to change and who believe that this change will help them become better leaders.  Our most successful clients are those who are committed to being great role models for leadership development and for living their company’s values.

How can I find out more?

Contact us for a free consultation on 01332 527144.

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