During these unprecedented times there has been a lot of talk and advice about how to get through it. How to build our resilience, manage our stress, manage ourselves, stay motivated. How to effectively work remotely with family life going on, how to social distance but still stay connected.
All good advice, the underlying themes as to how we manage ourselves is correlated to how emotionally intelligent we are. EI is about how effective we are at expressing and managing our emotions within the contexts of the workplace, our families, and our community. We are all having our emotions tested during this time. For more of a background to EI read our article here.

How EI can help us with our emotions and behaviours

EI empowers us to function more effectively at work, at home and in the community. It helps us to be able to better understand what we are feeling and why. By being able to participate more consciously in what we feel and how we respond rather than just reacting in the same patterns that we always have, makes us feel more in control and in turn, less stressed.
Exploring and developing our EI not only makes us happier, but it makes us able to motivate ourselves, manage stress in our lives, whether that comes from balancing work and home life, families, the news. EI provides positive emotional states such as resourcefulness, optimism and motivation, and we all need these at this time.

What are your current levels of EI?

Do you feel that if you had a greater awareness of your emotions you could learn how to effectively manage them, giving you a greater sense of well-being, optimism and control in your life?

I am a qualified practitioner in the EQi test, a well-researched self-report measure of social and emotional intelligence capabilities. I am offering the opportunity to test your EI and receive feedback and support on how you can explore and develop your EI. Identify how you can change patterns of behaviour, manage your stress, become more resilient and stay motivated. I can support you in how to improve the effectiveness of your relationships whether this is at home or at work.

The cost for the test and a follow up 1 ½ hour coaching session is usually £295, however during this time I am offering this at £195. If this is something that you feel would be of benefit please get in touch.