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ILM Approved Centre

ILM is the UK’s leading provider of specialist leadership qualifications. As an Approved Centre we deliver Leadership & Management and Coaching and Mentoring Qualifications for organisations and their staff members who are looking to develop their skills. As a deliverer of ILM qualifications we have a big responsibility to deliver programmes that have real impact, that meet national recognised standards and suit the needs of clients.

ILM Qualifications FP Training Ltd Offer

Leadership & Management

ILM Level 2 Team Leaders/Supervisors

Team Leading: For new and aspiring team leaders. Ideal for those starting out in their management career

Leadership and Team Skills: For team members or team leaders. Ideal for those who want to lead, organise and motivate a team.

ILM Level 3 Junior Managers (Supervisors/First Line Managers)

Leadership and Management: For those who have management responsibilities but no formal training.

ILM Level 5 Middle Managers

Leadership and Management Skills: For new and aspiring middle managers. Ideal for those looking to consolidate their experience, develop their leadership skills and prepare to take on more responsibility.

Coaching & Mentoring

The world of work is changing. Our research shows that developing coaching and mentoring skills at every level of an organisation is the key to unlocking potential and increasing productivity.

A skilled coach or mentor is an invaluable asset to any organisation. As well as increasing confidence and motivation, ILM’s coaching and mentoring qualifications improve management performance, conflict resolution and communication and interpersonal skills.

Coaching and mentoring can positively impact the workplace in a variety of ways:

  • Stronger teams
  • Support for talented employees
  • Improved ability to align to the organisation’s culture and ethos with employees’
  • A more inclusive culture
  • Improved employee satisfaction scores
  • Improved staff retention

Team Leaders and First Line Managers

Develop those in team leadership roles to coach or mentor the people they manage, as part of their normal working role. Learners will get a thorough grounding in the principles, practice and experience of conducting supervised sessions.

Level 2 Effective Mentoring Skills

Level 3 Effective Coaching

Level 3 Effective Mentoring

Level 3 Effective Coaching and Mentoring


Level 5 is for managers and those with significant responsibility for effective coaching and mentoring as part of their daily role within an organisational context. They are also ideal for individuals who wish to move into a development role.

Level 5 Effective Coaching and Mentoring.

All our ILM programmes are delivered in-house for the client who have staff members (ideally a minimum of 6, max of 12) who would benefit from the training. Our ILM courses can be aligned to organisational and individual needs providing bespoke, accredited programmes.

Please contact us on 01332 527144 or email us through the Contact page to find out more and how ILM qualifications can benefit your organisation.

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