Leadership and Management Development, ILM Level 3 Award

4-Day Workshop


The aims and objectives of this programme is to provide practising and potential First Line Managers with an in depth understanding of the skills, qualities and best practices required to become an effective leader.
The programme will also give participants the opportunity to work in small groups to exchange ideas and experiences, and to form a common understanding of the theories, methods and practices used and discussed on the course.

Who is it for?

This course in Leadership and Management is ideal for individuals who have management responsibilities but no formal training, and are serious about developing their abilities. It particularly supports practising team leaders seeking to move up to the next level of management, and managers who need to lead people though organisational change, budget cuts or other pressures.

Benefits for Individuals

  • Gain a range of key management skills and put them into practice in their own role
  • Build their leadership capabilities – motivate and engage teams, manage relationships confidently
  • Develop their leadership and management skills using their own knowledge, values and motivations.

Benefits for Employers

  • Effective and confident first-line managers
  • Better relationships and communication in teams
  • Proven skills – to get this qualification, managers will need to show that they can transfer their new skills to your organisation
  • Managers with the tools to develop their own skills and abilities.

Download the Course Outline

Download the Leadership and Management Development course outline for reference.


Programme Content

Day One: Leading a Team Effectively

  • Characteristics and behaviours of effective Managers and Leaders
  • Skills and qualities of effective leaders
  • Sources of authority & power
  • Leadership styles
  • The mind-set of a Leader
  • The Leadership Values
  • Role of Leader in the organisation
  • Communication skills
  • Clarification of objectives and the importance of objective-setting for the team
  • Business awareness, understanding the ‘bigger picture’
  • The importance of managers displaying confidence and self-assurance and to do this by playing to own strengths and showing a readiness to take calculated risks
  • Being open and honest with others; Showing integrity and trustworthiness
  • Setting challenging but realistic objectives for themselves and others
  • Taking personal responsibility for significant challenges
  • Modelling appropriate behaviour
  • Engaging in collaborative behaviours
  • Networking skills
  • Engaging with others
  • Personal style and approach; image and presentation; non-verbal communication; social skills applicable to workplace

Day Two: Planning and Allocating Work

  • The importance of the link between organisation objectives and planning work
  • Efficiency and effectiveness
  • Planning the work of the Team
  • Scheduling work
  • Prioritising and monitoring the Team’s work
  • The seven stage process for allocating work
  • Communication and briefing the team
  • Monitoring and controlling the Team’s work

Day Three: Solving Problems and Making Decisions

  • Problem identification techniques
  • Delegates will have an opportunity to use common tools such as: Needs, barriers and constraints; Mind mapping; Causes and consequences mapping; SWOT analysis
  • Idea generation
  • Evaluation and decision making
  • Implementing the decision
  • Action planning
  • Resource allocation
  • Identifying critical success factors

Day Four: Innovation and Change in an Organisation

  • Principles of change management
  • Understanding change in the workplace – the role of the team leaders in driving the business forward, the importance of innovation and change
  • Understanding why change is important for the viability and sustainability of the organisation and the strategy for change
  • Resistance to change – Identify the barriers to change and their responsibility in overcoming these barriers with their teams
  • Communicating change
  • Preparing for the meeting
  • Managing the meeting
  • Effective behaviours at meetings
  • Planning for change – Planning, monitoring and controlling change in the workplace
  • Financial implications of change

Review and Action Planning

This session allows delegates to sit down with their peers and action plan activities to be undertaken in the workplace using knowledge and skills gained from this course.

If you would like to discuss this workshop please contact Fiona on 01332 527144 or email us via the contact page. This programme can be amended to reflect the training and development needs of your Leaders and Managers.

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