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Case Studies

Bespoke Management and Leadership development programmes with measurable results.
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Aim is to ensure the retention of talent within the business and support line managers to ‘step up’ into a people-management role by providing practising and potential team leaders with the skills, qualities and best practices required to become an effective leader.

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Part of EMT’s strategic plans was to develop Leaders and Managers in the organisation and ensure new up and coming managers are developed into the roles for the future.

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The aim of the development programme was to engage the whole workforce in building a lasting relationship of honesty, integrity and trust between colleagues to work together to achieve the organisational growth plan. This was achieved by developing the senior leaders and line managers.

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The aim was to encourage Leaders to develop their business awareness in order to meet the strategic vision; learning how to communicate effectively, innovate and adapt best practice to achieve new outcomes and inspire, motivate and support staff to succeed in new and challenging business opportunities.

Care Fertility training case study

One of the challenges for the business was having clear succession plans at all levels of management to enable the Directors to operate more strategically. There was a need for the next tier of management to take on more responsibility in terms of their leadership and management role.

Pirelli Tires training case study

One of the keys to Pirelli’s business success is to ensure that all staff are trained to be as efficient and effective as possible. To this end, Pirelli invest in developing staff to become in-house trainers to ensure that training requirements are fulfilled.

Barron McCann IT services

The organisation was looking to achieve a scalable structure which is driven by intentional growth plans. There was a need to increase communication, motivate, increase productivity and improve efficiency whilst keeping quality at the forefront of what they do. To achieve this goal they invested in their team leaders to be inspirational to: staff, peers and customers.

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The goal was to  encourage high performing teams and culture as well as developing a Management team that encourages engagement. They looked to identify the critical leadership behaviours that need to be demonstrated by Leaders and Managers.  There was also a need to identify talent and develop and retain key staff.

Seashell Trust

The Leadership team faced a number of challenges around ways of working and having a clear sense of purpose and vision and working cohesively together as a team. Their goal was to develop the Leadership team to improve communication and engagement across the team and between the Executive Team and Operational Team.

Futaba Industrial UK Ltd

To achieve strategic growth plans the leadership team needed to work in a whole strategic way rather than in an individual functional way.  There needed to be improved communication, improved collaboration in achieving objectives and working cohesively together as a team.

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Line management training to equip managers to manage performance and turn a group into a high performing team.

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Leaders needed a broader outlook as to where the service sits in the wider environment and external factors that can impact the service and the role of managers and leaders in implementing change and service improvements and equip their teams for up and coming challenges, to move out of traditional ways of working.

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Developing leaders to be more strategic, to align operations with the objectives of the business to ensure sustained growth and for leaders to buy-in to the strategic vision of the business and communicate this to their teams.

If you’d like more information about any of these case studies, or if you’d like to discuss a bespoke management or leadership development programme for your organisation, please contact us.

Since we partnered together over a year ago I have found Fiona to be extremely supportive, highly flexible as we have had to change many interventions at short notice. Fiona you have been an utter professional and embraced our complex organisation and delivered everything we have asked of you at a very high standard.

I would most certainly recommend Fiona to any organisations. Your approach to relationship building comes across as very genuine and you were always truly interested in understanding my business needs and offering solutions which added value to our employees.

- Lisa Martin, Training and Development Manager East Midlands Trains


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