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Bespoke Leadership Development Programmes

Our team of experts bring more years of experience than we care to mention to the design and delivery of bespoke Leadership development programmes. Because requirements differ widely from company to company, our programmes are always tailored individually. What remains consistent however is the way we think, the way we work and the results we achieve.

We work with companies that understand that exceptional leaders are at the heart of the business and tailored investment in their development not only achieves measurable results for the business but also fast tracks staff development. It is important for us to understand the true needs of the business before designing a programme of development. We don’t recommend ‘off-the-shelf’ courses because we want to make a difference long-term.


  • Focus on helping leadership teams and individual leaders reach full potential for their benefit and the organisation’s
  • Provide focused participative development programmes designed to fit the needs of the business, ensuring that development programmes are implemented, embedded and applied by the participants and not forgotten a week afterwards
  • Incorporate a combination of methods such as training workshops, coaching (individual and team), psychometric testing and other assessments such as 360-degree feedback and Team Profiling, work-based projects and presentations, ensuring learning and development is understood at every stage
  • Are applicable, relevant and internalised, then that learning creates genuine and lasting change
  • Ensure training and development meet and exceed expectations as viable and quantifiable , where the skills, knowledge and learning are retained and applied back in the delegate’s job roles. We don’t believe in learning & development being just a ‘tick box’ exercise

“Leadership is a choice, not a position.” S. Covey

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