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Team Building with a Difference

Take Your Team to the Next Level

Make Your Escape and FP Training have partnered tDerby Escape Roomo provide team development in a whole new exciting and engaging way!

Make your Escape is an immersive role-playing game. Players are “locked” inside a room and tasked with escaping within a set amount of time by solving a series of puzzles and mysteries. Only effective problem solving, decision-making, communication and teamwork will help the team escape.

Escape rooms provides an invaluable opportunity for organisations to assess their employees’ team skills and behaviours, identify actions to develop the team, and engage them whilst having fun!

The team is observed playing the game by a coach who, after the game, facilitates a team coaching session to help the team reflect on the team’s performance and areas for change and actions to be implemented back in the workplace.

How can an escape room game help build a high performing team?

For the team to be successful they need to demonstrate the following characteristics of a high-performing, effective team:

  • There is a clear purpose to the game, this needs to be clearly communicated within the team and all team members buy-in to the purpose and how it will be achieved.
  • There is a discussion around what is working/not working. What they need to change in order to succeed
  • To succeed, everyone needs to listen to each other, they need to have an awareness and understanding as to the needs and values of others within the team
  • The team needs to address the challenge in a positive way, collaborate to use their skills, knowledge and interests
  • They communicate in an effective way, listening to each other and ensuring everyone is pointing in the same direction
  • Their approach to problem solving and decision making is effective and efficient to produce the best results in the quickest time
  • The whole team pulls in the same direction to achieve the challenge. There are defined roles and relationship between the members of the team and there is clear leadership appropriate to the situation and task.
  • Conflict is seen as constructive not destructive; team members feel they can disagree and voice their opinions without being ‘shouted down’.

Do your teams demonstrate these characteristics, or would they benefit from some team building and development?

Why This Is So Much Better Than Traditional Team Building Events

By observing teams in an ‘un-guarded’ environment, behaviour can take unexpected turns and reveal much more than any training course. The team can immediately review their performance, citing experiences from the game. They will be required to find their own solutions and take responsibility for their performance and outcome.


How It Works

The game lasts an hour, during which the team is observed by game controllers (who may provide hints) and a Team Coach/Facilitator.

After the game, the Team Coach will facilitate a 2-hour workshop for the team to reflect on their performance as a team.

Actions, to be taken back to the workplace, are drafted which the team agree on and commit to.

Follow up sessions can be provided.


Who Is It For?

  • New teams
  • Underperforming teams
  • Teams going through changes

What Teams Are Saying

‘As Operations Director for a large I&C energy supplier, I manage an experienced and dynamic team of professional managers. We have had some recent changes to the team, and I wanted to experience an activity which was fun, but also brought the team closer as a unit. Make Your Escape ticked all the boxes and more. The team used qualities they never even knew they had, and saw a team learn so much about each other in such a short period of time. Even a week after the event the team are still talking about their experience and how much fun they had completing the challenge. I would highly recommend this to any manager wanting take their team to the next level.’

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